Nashville: 5 Places to Have a Badass Whiskey Drink

I’ve definitely gone through phases when it comes to my drink of choice. And maybe Tennessee did it to me, but whiskey has become a longstanding front-runner. From my panic order at the bar to phasing into this thing called adulthood, it’s the BAE of liquor. So if whiskey is your thang, here are five drinks I think everyone should try out, along with a little advice on what to eat.


1. Old Glory – Panther Panther

So maybe it’s only 6 o’clock and you feel like you’re ready for bed, but your friend will be kind of pissed if you bail on them. Navigate through the back alleys of Edgehill Village and down the Cinderella staircase to the remodeled 1920s boiler room that is now Old Glory. Order the Panther Panther with whiskey, poured over a giant cold brew ice cube, and it will be sure to perk ya right up.

Food: Empanadas

Photo Credit:  @oldglorynashville

Photo Credit: @oldglorynashville

Old Glory Interior.jpg


2. Rosemary – 3 & 9

What you think may just be a few moms gone wild in a nearby home is actually Rosemary. This house-turned-bar located in East Nashville’s Five Points is all about the disco. You’ll be feeling extra swanky sippin’ on a 3 & 9 on their velvet couch. This original cocktail is a combination of bourbon, amaretto, fresh lemon, and orange. It will give you all the liquid courage you need to start the dance party out back.

Food: Pork Belly Bao Bun

Photo Credit:  @nashvillehungry

Photo Credit: @nashvillehungry

Photo Credit:  @redrocktileworks

Photo Credit: @redrocktileworks


3. Skull’s Rainbow Room – Old Fashioned

Yes, it’s a classic. Most of you have had one before. But I wanted to give a special shout out to Skull’s for adding an egg white to their Old Fashioned. I’m sure a few of you are like, “wtf, no thanks,” but it adds a nice frothy layer and thickness to the otherwise stiff cocktail, making it overall much tastier. So go feel time-hopped with some burlesque (seriously the coolest) and whiskey in Printer’s Alley.

Food: Cheese Plate

Photo Credit:  @skullsrr

Photo Credit: @skullsrr

Skulls OF.jpg


4. GRAY'S on Main- The Anthym Spirit

If you’re new to Nashville and haven’t yet ventured to Franklin, this is me telling you that you should. Specifically to GRAY'S on Main, which is right in the heart of the absolute cutest southern town to ever exist. GRAY'S is all about honoring the history and heritage of the late 19th century. Vibes are totally romancey and can make a twenty-something like myself feel more cultured than normal when drinking an Anthym Spirit. In this cocktail is a blend of rye whiskey, apricot brandy, Cynar, Bénédictine, and house chai tea bitters. And no, I cannot correctly pronounce all of those ingredients, but I can tell you that together, they’re delicious.

Food: Fried Pimento Cheese Balls

Photo Credit:  @nashvillehungry

Photo Credit: @nashvillehungry

Photo Credit:  @socially_sydney

Photo Credit: @socially_sydney


5. Urban Cowboy Public House – P.H. Old Fashioned

I won’t lie: I definitely feel extra badass drinking dark liquor in the crafty southwestern paradise that is East Nashville’s Public House. Their quality of food and drinks definitely live up to the aesthetics. The P.H. Old Fashioned contains bourbon, cognac, and Public House bitters. So go find your trendiest outfit, some good friends, and break your Insta like record without having to try so hard.

Food: Rotisserie Chicken

Photo Credit:  @thepublichousenashville
Public House Chicken