The Nashville Guide Guest Post: 7 Drinks that are as Instagrammable as they are Tasty

We are so very fortunate to live in a place where we never have an excuse to be bored. Us local Nashvillians, natives and transplants alike, know that the non-stop entertainment here in Music City is one of many factors that makes our home so dang cool, but it’s not the reason why most of us are near broke. Nashville is home to some very hip and thirsty people, just trying to narrow down their options on where to go out (and sometimes...) via Instagram. With endless bar stools to sit on, choosing where to post up for something to sip on can be a difficult choice. So I decided to round up seven photo worthy drinks that are as delicious in real life as they look on screen.


1. Flipside: The Big Fix

The bloody mary to end all bloody mary’s. The Big Fix is the real deal. They even got crab legs up in there, which are pretty hard to come by.

Photo credit:  @theflipsidenash

Photo credit: @theflipsidenash


2. The Mockingbird: Punchin’ Bag

You will never feel so classy drinking out of a plastic bag. The concoction changes depending on the season, but I can guarantee whatever they are mixin’ up has beauty and taste.

Photo credit: @themocknash

Photo credit: @themocknash


3. High Garden: The Flower Child

You’ll thank me for this knowledge when you’re hungover. High Garden is like walking into an enchanted fairy tree house. They have every tea and herbal cure imaginable, but the gem is the kombucha on tap at the bar in the back. Enjoy a flight and pick your favorite which they’ll serve you in a vintage-looking glass, sprinkled with magic unicorn dust (or so I’d like to believe..). I recommend the Flower Child vitality elixir; made of rose petals, coconut milk, tree bark, raspberry jam, and topped with cardamom.

Photo credit:  @hungryholls

Photo credit: @hungryholls

4. Salt and Vine: Punch Bowl

This ain’t the punch you had at prom. Grab your squad and head over to Salt and Vine in West Nashville. You have three different types to choose from, but if it were me, I’d probably go for the “Your Rye’s That Sparkle” which includes  (of course) Rye, Sparkling, Lemon, and Blood Orange.

Photo credit:  @saltandvinenashville

Photo credit: @saltandvinenashville


5. Henley: Better with Age

Like a fine wine. But actually, this a rum based drink. So be prepared to feel like you’re in the tropics. 7 year Angostura rum, barrel aged pineapple shrub, pineapple gomme, lime, and Angostura bitters. Have a few of these beauts and you really might believe you’re on an island.

Photo credit: @aferr

Photo credit: @aferr


6. The Soda Parlor: Freaking Fosters

Feeling nostalgic? Head to The Soda Parlor is East Nashville for the crafty soda float version of an orange dreamsicle. Everyone deserves a mid-afternoon break for some ice cream.

Photo credit:  @thesodaparlor

Photo credit: @thesodaparlor


7. Caviar and Bananas: Frose

What a beautiful place we live in where it doesn’t have to be summertime to get frose and a cheese plate! Take a seat at C&B and enjoy the aesthetics with a tall glass of pink frozen goodness.

Photo credit: @blackbiirdfly

Photo credit: @blackbiirdfly

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