Nashville: #NationalPizzaDay

Today is a special day. It's a national food holiday that is actually worth celebrating and quite possibly my favorite one of the year, National Pizza Day! If you're going to break your diet, #NationalPizzaDay is probably the best excuse you can find. So get on them stretchy pants and get you some ZA at one of these Nashville spots.

1) Five Points Pizza

I feel like these people are my best friends. In my eyes, not theirs. Not only do they have the most bangin' lunch specials all under ten dollars, they have the most bangin' happy hour specials TOO. The New York style pizza will satisfy everyone. My go-to is the prosciutto and basil, but their daily specials never disappoint either. So go get yourself a PBR and a slice (for $5 from 2-6pm on the weekdays!), or roll up late night to their pizza window. We've all been there..

Photo Credit:  Five Points Pizza

Photo Credit: Five Points Pizza



2) DeSanos

What I love about this midtown gem is that drinking wine is sooo casual. It's like, totally like that time you studied abroad. But for real, it's pretty awesome, as is the wood-burning pizza that is made right in plain sight. No secrets, just authenticity here. You can even grab a cannoli on your way out because, well, I'd be confused if you didn't?

Photo credit:  @nashvillehungry

Photo credit: @nashvillehungry

Photo credit:  @musiccitymeals

Photo credit: @musiccitymeals


3) Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria

This place will put you in a good mood. They are bumping rap, have cool murals, and obviously cook hella good pizza. There is a lot of energy happening inside of Slim & Husky's. So basically, it is a fancier Chipotle-styled ordering system. They source their ingredients locally, because DUH, it is Nashville, it's the cool thing to do. So build your own pizza and try out all their different DRIZZLES including spinach basil pesto, pineapple chipotle BBQ, balsamic molasses, jalapeño cilantro ranch, and stoneground peach mustard. Yum.

Photo credit:  @nashvillehungry

Photo credit: @nashvillehungry




4) Bella Napoli

"Ciao, bella!" *blushes*. This cutesy romantic spot in Edgehill Village is real deal Italian, down to the hospitality. I had a friend tell me he walked in after being soaked from the rain and the owner brought him over a new shirt to wear. Say WHAT! You got my business. So sit down for some vino and a brick-oven Napoletana style pizza. And hope you don't get caught in the rain, I don't know how many extra shirts this guy has.

Photo credit:  @nashvillemade

Photo credit: @nashvillemade

Photo credit:  @bellanapolinashville

Photo credit: @bellanapolinashville



5) Nicky's Coal Fired

Everything at Nicky's is tasty and the space is very industrial chic. Plus, they named their oven, which is weird and awesome. #EnricotheOven will be cooking all of your coal fired pizzas. Much love for Enrico. They are definitely adventurous with their zas, so if you're looking to go all out on National Pizza Day, this is your spot.

Photo credit:  @nickysnashville

Photo credit: @nickysnashville



6) East Nashville Beer Works

I'll tell ya, pizza and beer, it probably has its own separate holiday as a couple. Just a bit past all of the hustle and bustle of East, you can go drink some craft beer and eat a personal pizza. Also a plus, you can bring your dog! Happy hour starts at 3pm on Friday's, it's also February 9th and we have a high of 63 degrees today.. So, go find a friend and a dog, and get some beer and pizza!

Photo credit:  @eastnashbeer

Photo credit: @eastnashbeer